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Café Box

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1 x 227g Bag Of RUCO Freshly Ground Coffee

This is a blend of Rwandan and Colombian beans with notes of red grapefruit and sticky toffee texture. It finishes with hints of milk chocolate and blackcurrant. 50% Rwanda 50% Colombia

2 x Full butter Chocolate Twists Fresh From Our Bakery

2 x  Large Full Butter Croissants Fresh From Our Bakery

5 Slices Of Our Homemade Sourdough Bread (for toasting)

1 X Ramekin of Fresh Jam


Products are not designed for individual resale. All products come fully labelled with allergen information but if you require information on allergens before you order please email technical@delilites.com

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We currently only deliver to Northern Ireland and Dublin, Cork, Louth and Galway in the Republic Of Ireland.